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Big Sis and Little Miss

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1st Day home (6 wks)

Little Miss Eating in the same bowl Big Sis and Little Miss sleep a lot.
Wrestling already. They wrestle all day. Notice Little Miss' razor sharp teeth
Big Sis (r) and Little Miss (l) They sleep a whole lot  

February 15, 2004

Big Sis and Little Miss a break from wrestling "What did you say, Dad?" Dad, Bigfoot, Little Miss, and Big Sis
Finally eating out of different bowls Almost too big for the lap Morphed into one dog with two tails
Little Miss A/K/A the instigator and the troublemaker. Millie does not like the puppies but she does like the dog bed. Big Sis and Little Miss.
Big Sis sleeps...Little Miss fights the sleep.    

March 13, 2004

Big Sis and Little Miss running around Big Sis and Little Miss fighting (as they do all the time).  

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