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These photos were mostly taken during the midsummer birthday party held on the farm July 26, 2003.  Photos at the bottom were taken Christmas, 2003. Note:  These images are copyrighted.  All use of these photos must be cleared.

American Gothic 2003 Ready to eat. Gathering of Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren.
Eating Eating again. All the Great-grandchildren sing "happy birthday."
Leroy and Janelle All the kids at "Big Creek." Downstream at Big Creek.
Upstream at Big Creek. Lee leading the kids out of the Big Creek. All the kids.
Tommy Boy Momma Cat. Rocky.
Millie Pretty Girl and Kathy Lee and Leigh Anne
Lee and Kathy   Lee and Leigh Anne.
Kathy and Lee Rocky with treats. Rocky, Lee and Kathy
Tommy in the door. Tommy explores. Cyber-Kathy!

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