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Various photos taken at the farm

Note:  These images are copyrighted.  All use of these photos must be cleared.

June 25, 2005
"Swiss Miss" Pretty Girl Millie Flowers near the farm house
Flowers in the pasture Close-up of flowers in the pasture Flowers near big creek Baby barn swallows
Leigh Anne pulling the trout line Leigh Anne and Lee Leigh Anne pulling the trout line Leigh Anne pulling the trout line
Small frog near big creek Leigh Anne testing depth Cows Cows

April 15, 2006

Cats scatter Feeding barn cats Barn cats waiting Waiting barn cats
Another barn cat waiting Barn cats Tommy on the floor Swiss-Miss
Swiss-Miss Steve and Lee's catch Four bass and one big crappie Crappie taken from the farm pond: 16" and 2 pounds.
MOVIES Leigh Anne playing with Millie Millie won't let go of Leigh Anne Leigh Anne comes back from releasing the trout line

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