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2011 Truman Run

After quite a layoff, Leigh Anne ran in her first 5K of 2011 by participating in the Truman 5K Run on May 14, 2011.  The race course runs around the historic neighborhoods of Independence Missouri.   The day was overcast, and even a little cold.  Leigh Anne did very well, running the course in 30 minutes with an average mile time of 10:00.  She placed 130 overall and was fifth out of nineteen in her age group. 

Leigh Anne before the race.  She looks cold The starting group Leigh Anne in the group, looking cold.  Notice how everyone else is in shorts. Leigh Anne after one mile*
Leigh Anne after about one mile Leigh Anne at the two mile mark Home stretch Headed for the finish line
Finishing At the finish Line* Time to work out the kinks The start of the race


The Independence Courthouse Serendipity Bed and Breakfast on Pleasant St.  A very nice looking structure    
All images (unless otherwise noted) are copyrighted.  No photograph or image can be used without the express written permission of Leigh Anne Potter.
*= Photos by Ross KC via http://www.seekcrun.com/index.htm (ŠROSSKC, LLC 2006-2011)

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