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Sunshine Center's Run to the Sun 2008.

On July 20, 2008, Leigh Anne Potter ran in the Run to the Sun.  This event takes place in the  underground limestone caves that form part of the Space Center  Industrial Park in Independence.  Leigh Anne didn't like the run because the air was very heavy in the cave, making it hard for her to breathe.  Consequently, Leigh Anne finished with one of her slower times.  Leigh Anne finished 8th in her age group (186th overall) with an official time of 29:06.4 .


Leigh Anne before the race Leigh Anne before the race Cave entry and runners warming up Just before the start of the race
Leigh Anne coming out of the cave Leigh Anne crossing the finish line. Leigh Anne following the race The cliff outside the cave entry
Flowers outside the caves Flowers outside the cave A tree growing out of the cliff  
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