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Fox 4 Love Fund for Children 5K Run.

On August 25, 2007, Leigh Anne Potter ran in the Fox 4 Love Fund 5K race.  The annual event takes place along Emanuel Cleaver Blvd., in Kansas City.  Leigh Anne's time was a very respectable 27 minutes.

Leigh Anne finished 6th in her age group (164th overall) with an official time of 27:13.2 and averaged 8:47 per mile.


Bridge over Brush Creek Bruce R. Watkins Fountain Waterfall below the Watkins Center Steve's favorite sponsor
The Start/Finish Line Leigh Anne before the race Leigh Anne taking her position Just before the race starts
Leigh Anne running with the pack Leigh Anne after the first turn...about 1 mile in. Leigh Anne turning the corner toward the finish line. Leigh Anne heading toward the finish line.
Leigh Anne following the race. Mike Thompson and Loren Halifax from Fox 4 Leigh Anne standing behind Loren Halifax (who issued her timer chip and removed it from her shoe). John Holt from Fox 4 (who gave Leigh Anne a bottle of water at the end of the race.
SkyFox SkyFox Landing    
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