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One day, we will make it to South America and to the south of the equator.  However, for now, this is the furthest south that we've ever been.  Barbados has a very strong British influence and feels a little like Jamaica since they both became independent at about the same time.

In previous vacations, we swam with dolphins, sting rays, nurse sharks, and sea lions.  This time we decided to check sea turtles off our list.  It was a lot of fun.  The turtles are very docile.  If they get too close, you just push them on the shell and they swim away.  After the turtle encounter, we got to observe a sunken ship that is the base of a new reef.  It rained all morning and it wasn't much above 75 degrees. While that really doesn't affect swimming, it really did make things miserable on our excursion boat.   Leigh Anne got too cold and really couldn't warm up.  So Sarah, Lee and I went into town, walked around parliament, and ate flying fish sandwiches (the local specialty).  The Parliament in Barbados is the third longest sitting government body in North America.  It first convened in 1639.  Across from Parliament is a statute of Admiral Nelson.  It was dedicated about eight years after his death and predates the famous Nelson Column in London by about thirty years.

One thing I'll mention about Barbados is that they have fantastic rum cakes.  I frequently bring back Tortuga Rumcakes for people.  I ran across a company called Calypso Rum Cakes while in Barbados.  They have great flavor and were very reasonable.  My favorite was the lemon ginger.


Tug boat following us to the pier Adventure of the Seas "The Eclipse" followed us to several ports Welcome to Barbados
Our ship from the excursion boat A sting ray Sea turtles Sea turtles
Sea turtles Sea turtles The propeller from the shipwreck Coral growing on the ship
The shipwreck Fish near the shipwreck The shipwreck Fish near the shipwreck
Coral Coral Coral Coral
Coral Coral Coral Coral
Coral Coral Coral Downtown Bridgetown
Downtown Bridgetown Where we had the flying fish sandwiches Barbados Parliament Building Barbados Parliament Building
Barbados Parliament Building Admiral Nelson Statue in Bridgetown.


Fish in Barbados   Shipwreck  

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