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Flat Kodi

(See Also Alaska 2004)

Pictures with the Knight Family

summer02.jpg (111755 bytes) door02.jpg (78321 bytes) chiefs02.jpg (90782 bytes) renfest02-1.jpg (197301 bytes)
Kael, Kody, Leigh Anne and Steve Kael and Steve fix the front door. Are you ready for some football? Captain Kael (2002 Renaissance Festival)
renfest02-2.jpg (77938 bytes) renfest02-3.jpg (124855 bytes) renfest02-4.jpg (83867 bytes) renfest02-5.jpg (58627 bytes)
Kael and Steve fence (2002 Renaissance Festival) Two "Knights." (2002 Renaissance Festival) Aunt Leigh Anne (2002 Renaissance Festival) Aunt Leigh Anne "on the ball." (2002 Renaissance Festival)
renfest02-6.jpg (71031 bytes) renfest02-7.jpg (176365 bytes) Thanksgiving02-1.jpg (131299 bytes) Thanksgiving02-2.jpg (113954 bytes)
Aunt Leigh Anne helping out. (2002 Renaissance Festival) Kael, Kody, Leigh Anne and Steve (and Kris' finger) (2002 Renaissance Festival) Kael and Kody before Thanksgiving dinner. Kael has very elaborate football plays.
thanksgiving02-3.jpg (70419 bytes)
Kael and Kody, Thanksgiving 2002 Watching a Chiefs game with Kael and Kodi. Kodi takes the handoff. Kodi, Kael and Steve shop for balls.
014_11A.JPG (775374 bytes) 015_12A.JPG (749280 bytes) 016_13A.JPG (793011 bytes)
Leigh Anne, Kodi and Carolyn -- Christmas 2002. Kody opens presents. Kael and Steve put together a Rescue Heroes jet. Kody's See 'n Say.
018_15A.JPG (749827 bytes)
Kael and his castle. Carolyn Potter at Christmas. Kael and Steve play castle. Kodi, Steve and Kael.
Kodi, Steve and Kael. Kael at the Royals Hall of Fame Kael, Steve and Ed after the baseball game. Kael's summer reading program tatoo.
Kael and Steve's puppet show. Kodi talks with Leigh Anne    
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