Kael's Painting August 2005 (text by Kris Knight)

A lady that we go to church with named Joyce has been "giving" art lessons to Kael for almost a year.   She thought that Saturday would be an excellent time to try something big with Kael.  She has been giving him instructions (as best she could) during church services.  We have a rule that he has to stop when we pray and he has to draw something to do with God the Bible or what he learned about in Sunday School class (no robots or Ninjas  LOL)  It has been very hard for Joyce to get any kind of REAL instruction to him although he has some amazing talent and picks up on it with her subtle hints

Joyce had Kael watching some Bob Ross painting videos.  I told him he may want to get in his head what he thought he might want to paint.  He said "I already know."  I told him to watch a few more and then he could decide.  The next day I told him to keep thinking about what he might want to paint and he rolled his eyes and said "I already told you I know."  and he sketched out his idea...so he wouldn't forget. When Joyce got to the Garage sale she handed him some Bob Ross instruction books and told him to pick something out that he thought he would like to paint.  Again with the eye roll.  But I already know what I want."  And he started explaining it.  She asked him to look in the books and see if there was anything similar so they could get the right paint colors and a little help with some of the instructions.  Kael was giddy and giggling looking through the books and was back in a matter on 2 minutes.  "It's this one" and he was pointing to a picture that he had described.


Even a few sprinkles can't stop this kid.  They set up a tarp and his friends stood around and watched. Kael started working around 10am  and Joyce had to make him stop and eat lunch!  As soon as his sandwich was done, it was right back to painting


And he is still going.  Joyce said he only slowed down and seemed tired once in the FIVE hours that the painting took.  Once he got his second wind he was off and running again!

Towards the end Joyce was having him mix his own colors.  Kael was talking about this side of the tree trunk needed to be darker because it was in the shade.  Background and foreground and there needed to be more pink on this side of the clouds.  Joyce often says, "This kid is amazing!" By the way she was having him paint on a REAL canvas and using oils not acrylic.


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