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Flat Kodi's Trip to Missouri

In the summer of 2010, "Flat Kodi" travelled all over the U.S.  These are the photos from his time with Leigh Anne and Steve.

Flat Kodi drove lots of places Flat Kodi likes the blue wall at the new library Flat Kodi helping paint at the new library. Flat Kodi trying out the new drive-up window.
Flat Kodi looking down through the light well and into the basement Flat Kodi helping cut some sprinkler pipe Flat Kodi approves of the exterior colors. Flat Kodi helping Steve answer calls.
Flat Kodi coloring with a new friend Flat Kodi coloring with a new friend Flat Kodi coloring Flat Kodi and his new friend try on hard hats
Flat Kodi and Patti Flat Kodi helping wiht the  recycling Flat Kodi is on the ball like Aunt Leigh Anne Flat Kodi in Aunt Leigh Anne's purse
Flat Kodi trying to get Momo's Coldstone. Flat Kodi helping knit. Flat Kodi driving Momo's scooter Ouch!
Flat Kodi helping mow the lawn Flat Kodi gets some gatorade after mowing Patti tries to get Flat Kodi's gatorade Flat Kodi at the Royals Game.
Flat Kodi in Jefferson City Flat Kodi at the Capitol Flat Kodi at the new Corps of Discovery statute. Flat Kodi at Farout Field
Flat Kodi at Farout Field   On the way home on I-70  
Note:  These images are copyrighted.  Fair use is granted to anyone person in the photograph and to the Potters, Knights, and related families.  All other use of these photos must be cleared.

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