Pictures with the Knight Family

Kodi 2 yrs Kodi 2 yrs Kael and Kodi Kodi 2 yrs
Kael 5 yrs Kael 5 yrs Kael 5yrs Kael 3/03
Kael and Kodi 3/03 Kodi 3/03 Kodi 3/03 Kodi's Two
Kael and Kodi 2003 Kodi's Second Birthday Kodi's Second Birthday Kodi and Gran
Kael and his first Pepsi Leigh Anne, Kodi and Steve. Kael's Leap Pad. Kael and Steve in the tree.
Steve and Kael. Kael's Birthday cake. Kael's birthday party. Kodi's presents
Kael finds GI Joe Kael with Steve's Revolutionary War toy soldiers Kodi at the zoo Kael at the zoo
Using the telescope Kael and Kodi at the zoo Kael, Kodi, Leigh Anne and Steve @ the zoo Kael and the elephant
Looking at rhinos. Getting every last bit! Ice cream for everyone. Big nap for Kodi.
Kodi runs the caboose. Steve and Kael on the Caboose Kael and Steve at Truman's Indep. Train Station. Kael on the Amtrak
Steve on the Amtrak (picture by Kael) Kael's caramel apple (w/ M&M's) The magic fountain at Union Station Kael in the bubbles.
Kodi plays the trash cans. Digging for dinosaurs Safety first! Kael built an arch bridge
Everyone working to move blocks "I Teve!" "Me Too!" Kauffman Stadium fountains
Kaffman Stadium Fountains Kodi at the K Fountains at night Kael and cotton candy
Kael and cotton candy Kodi tries cotton candy Kodi on the Diamond Vision The Navy Leap Frogs
The Navy Leap Frogs The Navy Leap Frogs The Knights at Arrowhead The Knights at Arrowhead
Kael and Kodi at Arrowhead Kickoff Kael's request In the concourse
On our way to the seats A very full weekend! Kael playing Legos Kael and a "spruce"
Kael and Kevin skating Decorating Christmas cookies Kael Mixing Kodi's done.
Kael and Kodi with their scarves. Toothless Kael The boys with Santa The boys with Santa
Rescue Heroes Opening the Pirate ship Arggg! Use the force
Wow...cars! Ball Pit Kael's load Kodi's load
Christmas Morning Ice Mountain    
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