September 28, 2002

The previous evening, Kris stayed at the Potter's house.  Steve went home to get a good night's sleep since he was asked to participate in the funeral services of his uncle, Charles Elgin (who had passed away earlier in the week).  

Over the evening, Ed's breathing had become much more shallow.  His skin had a yellow tint to it.  Over the evening, he went from running a fever to becoming very cold to the touch.  Kris called the hospice nurse, who suggested that, based on her description, Ed had between twenty minutes and two hours left.  Kris called Steve, who came over.

The family worked to bring Carolyn to the room so she could be with him at the end.  Eventually, Carolyn, Steve & Leigh Anne Potter along with Kris and Kevin Knight were by his side as his breathing became more and more shallow and his heartbeat became impossible to detect.  Ed was peacefully lying on the bed.  His head was turned slightly to the right with his mouth slightly open.  Except for the fact that he wasn't snoring, he looked like he did countless times as he napped and slept.  

Ed left us very quietly and peacefully at about 8:45am.     

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