September 27, 2002

Today started off fairly slow.  Ed went to sleep around 7:30 or 8:00 pm the previous evening, and slept all through the night.  Occasionally, he would grunt or moan, but these noises seemed more "dream induced" as opposed to legitimate pain.  He didn't eat much or drink much today.  When the hospice nurse came over, she suggested that we may have been over medicating him for pain.  Kris and I worked out a routine to decrease his pain medication, to see if that would help him be more lively.  Around lunchtime, he ate a jello and a pudding cup and drank some water.

We are still not sure about his lack of energy.  It isn't clear whether this lethargy is due to over medication, or if he is coming down the home stretch.  Clearly, he is starting to swell up in several places and he is starting to complain about body aches and pains.  Again, we aren't sure if this is due to the leukemia, or just due to being stuck in bed for several days.


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