September 26, 2002

Not a lot new to report today.  Ed slept for about 20 hours straight from yesterday to today.  He is no place close to being "himself."  However, it is pretty clear that a lot of the punchy behavior exhibited yesterday was more from a lack of sleep than from anything else.  His breathing is still labored, and he has been running a small fever now for a couple of days.

Ed had a bath and some general hygiene from the hospice staff.  The regiment really took it out of him, but he was still joking and trying to talk with his nephew, Tom Elgin, who dropped by briefly.

Ed is also eating...not much, but some.  On the good news front, Edwin and Rick Potter are both scheduled to visit next week.  News of this development seemed to perk Ed up a bit.  I am very certain that he is excited to be able to see his brothers again.



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