September 25, 2002

Today, Ed came home from the hospital.  As previously discussed, Ed decided to come home and to forego treatment therapies.  We set up a hospital bed in the back living room.  He also has an air filtration machine, two tanks of portable O2 and several other pieces of hospital equipment from the local hospice organization.  He will be visited by a team of nurses and health care professionals over the next several weeks.  They will be involved in monitoring his comfort and health as time goes on.

He is currently on much less medication than he has traditionally used.  Mostly, his medicines are in place to help control pain, to help level his continued labored breathing, and to help keep his white blood cell count at an appropriate level.  

Although he had a lot of difficulty focusing on what the nurse was asking him, I really think that the problem was one of sleep deprivation.  He really hasn't slept more than 45 minutes at a time since Friday.  He was punchy, kept falling a sleep during questions, etc.  Around 5:00pm tonight, he fell into a very sound and comfortable sleep.  I really believe that he will bounce back tomorrow after a very long, and well deserved sleep.

We went over the provisions of his living will with the hospice nurse, and clarified a point with him and the nurse concerning the use of feeding tubes.  His will made that provision, however he chose to retract that provision given everything else that is happening.


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