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The Potter's Cathouse -- Home to Sid, Nancy and Siouxsie

The Namesakes We adopted a male kitten in August, 1994 with the intention of adopting his "sister" the next week.  Both kittens were part of a feral litter.  Both kittens were far from tame!  We decided to give the kittens matching names.  After deciding against Elvis and Priscilla and Benny and Joon, we settled on Sid and Nancy

In October, 1996 a stray cat had been seen in my parents' neighborhood for weeks.  We decided to adopt her.  In keeping with our now established theme, we looked at her black fur and naturally called her Siouxsie.

After living in our backyard for several days in December 2005, we invited a black and white female cat to stay in our basement one cold evening.  She seemed very sweet and in need of a home.  After consideration, we decided to name her Chelsea.  The Chelsea Hotel was the scene of Nancy Spungen's death and Sid Vicious' arrest.  Unfortunately for our thematic names, "Chelsea" wound up being a boy!  Keeping the same basic sounds, a "y" ending, and number of syllables, we turned Chelsea to Charlie.

Several months after Nancy died, we went to the farm in Pattonsburg one weekend in the summer of 2008.  When we visited a small black feral cat greeted us.  She was, by far, the most friendly feral cat we had ever encountered.  In fact, she was more friendly than the cats that lived in our house!  We decided to take her home and domesticate her.  After getting all her shots and getting her cleaned up we decided to name her Patti because she came from Pattonsburg.  Of course, if you want to maintain the old naming theme, you can say that she was named Patti for Patti Smith.

sid04.gif (3305 bytes)

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Sid Vicious Nancy Spungen

siouxsiesioux.gif (17479 bytes)

Siouxsie Sioux Chelsea Hotel

Pattonsburg, Missouri

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