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Siouxsie passed away (6 May 2002).  

Since Leigh Anne and Steve  first took Siouxsie in, she appeared to have serious difficulty breathing.  This condition worsened until Siouxsie went to the hospital for a prolonged stay.  Most of the time there she spent in an oxygen environment cage, as they tried to stabilize her enough to perform necessary tests.  Eventually, she stabilized, but the doctors feared that she still may not be able to handle the testing.  

Siouxsie came home, and showed signs of improvement.  About one week later, her breathing became labored again and seemed to be taking a turn for the worse.  Leigh Anne and Steve took Siouxsie to her vet to make sure that they were doing all that they could.  Siouxsie died in Steve's arms shortly after arriving at the vet clinic.

Siouxsie watching the fish (click for full size high res version)
Siouxsie 2002 (click for full size high res version)
Steve and Siouxsie in the chair (click for full size high res version)

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