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Leigh Anne has several bird and squirrel feeders in our backyard. All these animals tend to be a “draw” for neighborhood cats. One day, a black and white cat started to frequent our backyard. After several days, we noticed that the cat was living in our backyard. We decided to invite it inside. After a couple of days, and one very cold night, the cat came in our basement. We were sure the cat was female. We took inquired around, but found no owners.

Being on our way out of town, we boarded the cat, and instructed our vet to do all the typical workup on her.  We couldn't just leave the cat without a name.  After some thought and deliberation, we decided to call the cat Chelsea.

When we got home, we discovered that, not only had we mis-sexed the cat, but the vet did, too. It was not until they had opened the cat to spay her, that they discovered that she was a he!   Apparently, this was the first time this had happened to the vet...making us feel a little better about our mistake.  Clearly we needed to do something about the name.  So, on our return home, “Chelsea” became “Charlie.”

We brought him home and he has been living in our basement for about a week now. We are going to slowly introduce him to our other cats. Of course, a slow introduction, it wise. In addition, the vet thinks there is a very small chance that Charlie may have FIP. Until we can get a better handle on his health, he will be the basement cat.


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Page Last Updated:  01/02/2010